Specializing in mystery honeymoons, anniversaries and "just-because" trips.


You choose the dates, set a budget, fill out a quick questionnaire and we take care of all the planning to surprise you and your partner with the trip of a lifetime.


With unlimited information in our phones, we believe the best moments in life are unplanned. And that's the magic of going on a Secret Voyage. A secret voyage is a new kind of travel. Travel where you surrender to letting the experience unfold as it does. You don't plan anything. You don't read endless reviews. You simply follow the Secret Voyage guidebook wherever it may lead.


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“Our Secret Voyage to Rome was incredible! Each day was a completely new adventure and the itinerary was so perfect. The places we discovered because of the Secret Voyage planners would never happened otherwise! Structured, but not too structured. We had plenty of space for spontaneity.”
-DA & TP