Secret Voyage

We believe the best moments in life happen unplanned, when we are truly present and connected to those around us. That is the meaning behind theses Secret Voyages - to create an environment in which we can fully let go, dive in and build memories that last a lifetime. 

Our aim is to help couples rekindle their love, find a deeper connection and put excitement back into their relationship through mystery vacations.    

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Hi there, I'm Rob, the lead explorer at Secret Voyage!

Secret Voyage was created from my pure love of spontaneity, surprises, travel and adventure. After many life-changing round-the-world trips and living in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, China and Southeast Asia, I wanted others to experience unique travel that would create memories and moments lasting a lifetime.

In a world where all travel is researched and pre-determined, we believe travel is best experienced in the moment. And the only way to be in the moment while traveling is by having a carefully curated Secret Voyage.

I'm Monique, The co-captain at Secret Voyage!

During my "quarter-life crisis" I found myself questioning everything and seeking more out of life. That is when I turned to travel and spent many months exploring Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Central America.

Every time I felt "stuck" in life I turned to travel to get me out of my funk. Like Rob, I quickly realized the best memories from all of my adventures were the times that were completely unplanned + spontaneous.

Now I want to help others cultivate a lust for life and find excitement through totally unplanned, mystery vacations. 


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Are you ready to begin your Secret Voyage?