The Perfect Mystery Trip
for Two People

With unlimited information in our phones, we believe the best moments in life are unplanned. And that's the magic of going on a Secret Voyage. A secret voyage is a new kind of travel. Travel where you surrender to letting the experience unfold as it does. You don't plan anything. You don't read endless reviews. You simply follow the Secret Voyage guidebook wherever it may lead.

The Secret Voyage guidebook will arrive a couple weeks before you depart. Envelope Zero will share the weather details and a suggested packing list. You will open Envelope One when you arrive to the airport which will reveal your destination amongst other details for the start of your voyage. Each day of your trip thereafter, you will have an envelope to open that will reveal where your voyage will lead that day. Of course leaving plenty of room for spontaneity while also covering much of what you’d like to see based on your pre-trip questionnaire. Speaking of which, please take ten minutes to fill out the questionnaire below.

Rates Include:

  • Roundtrip Flights For Two
  • All Lodging
  • Secret Voyage Guidebook
  • Secret Voyage Mystery Envelope for Each Day of Travel
  • Meals, Tours, Activities (if budget allows)
  • Surprise extras throughout your Secret Voyage

Secret Voyage Rates:

  • Secret Voyages Start at $6,000




Your Secret Voyage Mystery Trip Awaits