Who Is Secret Voyage For?

We specialize in creating surprise vacations for couples. Whether it's your honeymoon, anniversary or simply a "just because" trip, Secret Voyage will curate a unique surprise adventure that will be one of the greatest memories of your life.

What If I Don't Like Where You Send Me?

We would be super bummed! We work really hard to curate a Secret Voyage that will check all of your boxes based on your Secret Voyage Questionnaire. If you aren't able to fully surrender control of this experience, Secret Voyage likely isn't for you. Based on your Secret Voyage questionnaire, you will be able to list destinations that you don't want to go to. Maybe you've already been there and are looking for something new. Totally understandable.

Can I Tell You Where I Want To Go?

Well, that would defeat the purpose of the surprise & secret aspect of the service, wouldn't it? While you can share where you don't want to go, you won't decide where your Secret Voyage actually takes you. That's why it's a SECRET Voyage!

What Is Included In The Cost?

The Secret Voyage cost includes all flights, accommodations, ground transportation to/from airports and unique itinerary curation derived from the feedback received on the questionnaire.

This is a high touch, highly personalized service with a deeply researched itinerary based on your specific preferences and interests. This level of detail will ensure a trip that you'll never forget. 

The price you see is the price you pay. There are no additional hidden fees, add-ons or upsells. 

Can You Provide A Sample Itinerary For A Prior Secret Voyage?

As mentioned, the Secret Voyage costs only include the flights and accommodations portion of the Secret Voyage itinerary. Based on your questionnaire, we then create a Secret Voyage that lines up with your budget outside of flights and lodging. Oftentimes the most fun is simply exploring where you are without needing to spend a lot of extra money.

While we do not provide sample itineraries because it's against our very nature (we are Secret Voyage), we can give you an idea of what to expect. 

You will receive an envelope for each day of your Secret Voyage. This is starting with a Day 1 Envelope that is opened when you arrive at your departing airport. Each subsequent day will have an envelope providing a suggested itinerary and activities for that day only. And it is strongly suggested that you don't open envelopes before the day arrives. You've come this far, so why don't you play along :)

The suggested itineraries will be based on three criteria:

First, our team is well-traveled so we will use our first-hand experience in the region first and foremost. Second, we have boots on the ground in every region that we provide Secret Voyages. We conduct interviews with our support team allowing insights into little known hidden gems and areas of interest. Lastly, we spend hours deeply researching to curate the absolute perfect itinerary for your voyage.

**The more detailed you are with the questionnaire, the more insight we have into creating the absolute best experience for you.**

What Is Your Fee? 

Our fee is 10-20% of your total budget. However, that is already built into the trip cost that is listed on the page.

What you see is what you pay. There are no fees on top of the cost listed.

For the nominal fee, we provide world-class:

Stress-Free Travel: We have coined a term here at Secret Voyage called "Show-Up-And-Go Travel." You could typically spend weeks researching where to stay, what flights to book and what activities to plan. And while it starts fun, it often turns into unwanted stress. After all, going on a trip is supposed to be fun, right?

After you fill out the questionnaire and submit payment (10-15 minutes max), you are completely booked, set and ready to go. At that point it's out of your hands to even think or worry about the trip until it's time to start packing.

Expert Trip Curation:  From hidden bookstores in Paris to secret cafes in Rome, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the perfect Secret Voyage. We create a beautiful mix of suggested activities, restaurants and sites with the flexibility and spontaneity of meeting new friends and seeing where the adventure leads.  While we believe there is a place for planning and structure, we equally believe in serendipity.

Unique Challenges: Along with the curated itinerary, each day also comes with a challenge. It could be as simple as talking to five strangers or as complex as a scavenger hunt through the city. Are you up for it?

Secret Voyage Guidebook: Seven days prior to your departure, your guidebook arrives. At this point, you can only open the packing list to see what you should bring. The Day 1 envelope is to be opened at the airport on your day of departure. The guidebook will contain each day's envelope with the suggested itinerary and challenges.

Who Can Book A Secret Voyage?

Currently, all US and Canadian passport holders can book a Secret Voyage. Please note that people living in very rural areas may need to depart from the closest international airport for international travel.

Do You Provide 24 Hours Assistance During The Secret Voyage?

Yup! We have partnered with Allianz Travel Insurance who can provide support during your trip after purchasing travel insurance with them. We also confirm your flights and accommodations before departure in addition to checking you in for all flights, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Where Can I Go On A Secret Voyage?

You can go on a Secret Voyage anywhere in the world that does not require a Visa to visit. 


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